Message of Sister Eppie for the Feast of the Holy Family 2016

My wish for you this Christmas and on this Feast of the Holy Family is depicted by the Sleeping Holy Family:
I wish that you can be
Secure in the love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Loving towards each other as family and friends
Embracing each other’s differences
Enjoying each other’s presence
Protective of each other.
I pray that as you look at the sleeping Holy Family, you will begin to see the value of contemplation as a way to rest and sleep, the way Jesus, Mary and Joseph sleep in each other’s divine embrace.
We are
ONE in the Lord,
ONE in our mission and communion
ONE in our hope for the growth of each other
ONE in our Mission and Vision
ONE in our support and family/community unity
We are ONE with each other. This Christmas, is a time for atonement as we reconcile and accept each other, as we are with all our values, virtues, mistakes and mystique.
Indeed, we need to stand by each other. Strive to be simple. Less is more! I pray that we can ALLOW events to happen and still sleep through it all. In fact, ALLOW for us means
Leave it as it is
Laugh it out
Observe just observe, no judgment
Wait for what God wants us to do.
This is all for now…Let us prepare for the coming of Jesus in our hearts. May your Christmas be days of joy and family reunion.
Sister Eppie

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Sister Eppie, Sr. Matt, Sr. Menchi & Sr. Diday visits OP MOLO elderly sisters

With dear Mother Felicitas former Prioress general of OP MOLO in front of their 75th Jubilee mural. It’s a great blessing to come and share gifts. Sharing gifts is sharing Jesus.-Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP

Sister Eppie Brasil, OP. Sr. Matthew Brasil,OP. Sr Menchi Advincula, OP and Sr. Diday Sobremisana OP visited and shared gifts with the elderly sisters of OP Molo. It has been our custom and this is the 5th year of sharing.

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Something NEW!!!

Before we had sleeping St. Joseph pillow now we have The Holy Family sleeping pillow.
Imagine after travelling a long desert road and perhaps passing rocky hills….Mary was very tired and in pain and Joseph was taking care of Mary and the baby in her womb. Finally they find a place, a manger.
After the birth of Jesus and perhaps after the visit of the shepherds now they could rest in heavenly peace. Look at the care in the hands of Mary holding Jesus and look at the protective hands of Joseph lovingly protecting Mary and Jesus. May such great love flow in your families too.
At this time this pillow can only be found in the motherhouse Regina Rosarii Center of Contemplation in 70 Scout Fernandez St. Quezon City and Regina RICA in Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. I say AT THIS TIME because I am sure people will copy this pillow design.
If you like to see the 6 feet statue COME TO REGINA RICA in Tanay.


Sleeping St. Joseph pillow


Sleeping Holy Family pillow

What our readers and friends say about Sister Eppie’s book, Finding God.

What our readers and friends say about Sister Eppie’s book, Finding God.
In the first picture I show to you Dina our artist who artistically designed the book.
In the second picture one our of our members posted this on the facebook.
In the 3rd picture our artist and photographer Dina shows us the exact location where she got the picture of the bird as illustrated in the cover.
in the 4th picture JB the son of Kiko is reading the book full of delight, look at his face.
In the 5th page one of our ROCA members Rhoda Espino arrives in her home tired and finds her son Jessou reading Sister Eppie’s book.
Finally in the last picture Rey Barn who helped put together all of Sr. Eppie’s articles from Sacred Space magazine makes his comment.

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Finding God, the book.

Finding God.
Book launching November 19, 2016 in University of the East school auditorium.
Our members and friends who attended the Inner Healing seminar patiently wait for their turn for Sr. Eppie to sign their book Finding God.

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Advent Recollection at Regina Motherhouse


Every Advent reminds us that the clock is running. Advent stirs up our yearnings to harmonious relationships and for an environment of wholeness in which everything works right. We fragment our energy into different demands of life: family and career, personal and social life, justice and mercy, etc. we must wait for Jesus to come into integrate our frustrations and our hopes. We are building with the expectations that he will come. This Advent and Christmas, celebrate together that He who come, will come!


DATE AND TIME:  December 3, 2016 at 8:00 am—4:00 pm

VENUE:                     Regina Rosarii Center for Contemplative Prayer

70 Scout Fernandez Street, Brgy. Laging Handa,

Quezon City

FACILITATORS:       Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP and Team

Seminar  Fee:             Php600.00

Contact No.                 advent-recollection-1372-5327  or email at

Please make reservations with Maricris at the Rosaline Store.

Inner Healing through Contemplative Prayer plus Finding God book launching

What more can one get in this double event. The seminar is for healing and the book launching. The book FINDING GOD is a companion guide for contemplatives on the go. Come and read! Come and See.

The venue: UERM, Aurora blvd. near SM centerpoint. It’s 8-4pm on November 18, 2016. The seminar fee of P800 is a very minimal fee for such a good seminar and see we have special price for a delightful, easy to read book that can accompany us in our daily life.

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The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii with lay members attend ACN convention in Manila

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii with lay members attend ACN convention in Manila. This is a memorable event since our Foundress Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP has known Fr. Werenfried van Straten, the founder of Aid to the Church in need. In some of our Projects ACN has helped us.

In this convention we were made aware through the stories of volunteers of ACN the reality in the persecution of Christian in many countries most especially the sufferings in Syria, in Aleppo and in many parts in the world including our very own country in the south especially in Basilan. We pray for the faith of our persecuted brethren and in our own little ways contribute for the cause of ACN.

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Inner Healing Seminar on November 19, 2016 at UERM



Fare: P350.00 round trip
P250.00 one way

Departure from Scout Tuazon St.,/70 Scout Fernandez St. 7 AM on Regina RICA fiesta October 22, 2016 and every Sunday thereafter
Departure from RICA: 3 PM
Limited to 49 passengers only.
Please reserve in advance.
Please call 3725327
Look for Maricris or Sr. Tess