5 days Challenge for Sr. Eppie in Tagum City

Imagine a house becoming a contemplative center in 5 days time. And it was done.

The Tagum contemplative group has been homeless for 16 years. They have existed as a group practicing contemplative prayer in many places….in the Sinagoga, in the Rural Bank of Montevista, in the BIR place. And finally one day Nitz Nazareno comes to Sr. Eppie I would like to donate a lot of 250 sq.m. so that Tagum ROCA will find a home. Sr. Eppie then came to look at the place and met with the other owners. I feel this Mama Mary guiding Sr. Eppie because in August 26 we learned that the RDO will be moved!!! just in time. I believe this is Divine intervention.
In August 30 Bishop George Rimando DD blest the new place, the home of Casa ROCA in Tagum City.

Finally the Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association of Tagum has a home they can call their very own.


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Activities for September 8 Birthday of our Lady Regina Rosarii

Activities for September 8 Birthday of our Lady Regina Rosarii
5:15 am dawn rosary at the Motherhouse and Regina RICA
9:00 am ground breaking and dropping of time capsule for the construction of Regina RICA.
Followed by floral offering to Mama Mary
Launching of Project 128. September 8 to December 8 campaign for Mama Mary’s project
11 am mass.
Cake raffles follow.

Message of Sister Eppie to the sisters at the Promulgation of the Acts of the 2nd General Chapter


My Dear Capitular Sisters, Members of the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii, CHAMP Delegates,

You have in your hands now, the work of many nights and days of all the members of the Second General Chapter. We have gathered like the apostles who waited for the coming of the Holy Spirit. We have prayed daily for enlightenment in our deliberations and decisions for the good of the Congregation. Indeed, we have paid attention to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.

We pray that you bring to your heart all that we have projected and planned for the future. On our part, we the leadership team and the members of the capitulars will do our best to bring these Acts of the Second General Chapter to realization.

Guided by our father, St. Dominic who have instituted the democratic form of government, we too, follow his example of participation in management.

Our Lady, Regina Rosarii, is very much a part of our deliberations. We look at her standing on top the hill, visited by pilgrims, surrounded by greeneries, always lovingly keeping an eye on us who chart the course of her beloved Congregation.

Thank you Mama Mary for your constant inspiration to make you known and loved all over the world, through our Congregation and through Regina RICA.

We thank Fr James Ferry for coming to RICA twice during this Chapter. He celebrated mass of the Holy Spirit last August 1, and witnessed in behalf of the Bishop of Antipolo, the election process. He likewise celebrated the mass in honor of St Dominic.

We thank Msgr Peter Canonero Diocesan Chancellor for receiving my profession of faith in behalf of the Bishop.

Thanks too to our resource persons: Fr Quirico Pedregoza, OP., Fr Nemesio Huesca CICM., Fr. Rey Tejico, MJ, and Rey Barnido.

We are indebted to Fr Arthur Dingel, OP for his Management expertise. He came all the way from Indonesia to sit with us from August 9 to August 22, 2016.

Fr Art brought his expert friends who met us to discuss re finance, internet, taxation and Human Resource.

Bishop Francis de Leon our incoming new Bishop of Antipolo also visited last Monday August 15, feast of the Assumption.

We thank Rey Barnido who facilitated the Forum for CHAMP our Lay mission partners. He likewise helped in creating the organigram of the Foundation, Leadership team, and service flow of our organization. A great man of service and a person of joyful spirit, Rey has helped us in many countless ways.

We thank Dina Amante and Ellen Chua for the secretarial work. Dina designed the logo and did all the creative work, staying late into the night and day, helping us to finish our report.

With deep appreciation, we acknowledge the work of CHAMP especially the ROCA members who did the teachers talk when we were in session.

Finally, thank you to all our Formands and house staff who did all the work we had to do in our absence.

Through all the General Chapter days, we felt the working of the Spirit. We palpably felt the presence of our Lady during our deliberations and defense of our proposals.

By virtue of the office vested on me, I therefore promulgate this Acts of the Second General Chapter. Let this Acts of the Second General Chapter be read every 8th day of the month so we will always remember to do the things we have to do and become  fitting contemplative witnesses in the world today.




SISTER MARY EPIFANIA BRASIL, OP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Superior General


August 22, 2016, feast of the Queenship of our Lady



Mass for the Queenship of Mary and closing of the Second General Chapter

August 22, 2016 marked the culmination of events. We had the Mass for the Queenship of Mary and closing of the Second General Chapter. The General councilors made their oath of service to Sister Eppie Brasil, OP, Superior General and to the sisters.

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Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP Reelected as Superioress General

On August 8, 2016 – Feast Day of St. Dominic de Guzman – founder of the Dominican Order, the chapter delegates gathered together to elect their leadership team.

Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP was reelected Superioress General.

Fr. James Ferry, MM was designated by Bishop Gabriel Reyes as his representative in the election.

Msgr. Peter Cañonero, Chancellor of the Diocese of Antipolo, presided  during the mass with Fr. James Ferry and      Fr. Nemesio Huesca, CICM. Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP immediately made her Oath of Office and Oath of Fidelity in front of Msgr. Peter Cañonero. As a sign of obedience, all the members of the Congregation knelt during her oath taking and after, a hug of acceptance.

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Congratulations Ate Vi.


Congratulations Ate Vi better known as Vilma Tolin for having been featured as an ideal mother to Pongkay.  Ate Vi is known to our K friends, our homeless street families, (nakatira sa karton, nakahiga sa kalsada, naghahanap buhay sa kariton), whom she serves as one of our volunteers.  Vilma was featured in this week’s WISH KO LANG program sa GMA. She is the one in pink T-shirt behind Tita Lita. Bakit po kaya? Siya yung may heart magmalasakit in taking care of Pongkay, her daughter who is blind. She has been Pongkay’s nurse, tutor, guide, friend.  Ate Vi accompanied her to school because she is blind. Yet her heart is so big that it is not only Pongkay whom she takes care of, she also takes care of her 99 year old grandmother in all her needs plus she also takes care of her husband  who is also sick.


Happy Birthday Pongkay!!! In you we see the mercy of God that in spite of your blindness you are a very happy and accepting person. And we believe that part of the joy of Ate Vi is that she belongs to Regina family. She has a home among us. She feels the joy of belonging in a community. In this picture you will see the friends of our K friends – our volunteers!!! We are proud of our volunteers. They handle you with care because they too have experienced pain, brokenness, a sense of lack, sickness. They know what pain is….they know what sickness is and they know what brokenness is!


10th Anniversary of Our Lady in the City


We still remember the time Our Lady in the City was blest, Dra. Neneng Pollentes danced around her with the music in the tune of LORD I offer my life to you. She had cancer of the small intestine and in a few months time our Lady relived Dr. Neneng of her painful illness.

Year after year Connie Dizon spear heads the celebration of Our Lady’s anniversary together with our (ROSA) Regina Rosarii Service Assistants, after her healing from cancer.


O the Lady is waiting on top of the hill. She’s calling for us all to gather so near. Regina Rosarii please heal all our pain. Regina Rosarii, our Lady and Queen.


Connie Dizon and staff helped decorate our place for our Lady’s anniversary. Thank you po Connie and staff.



Of course every Filipino happening has food same here in Regina motherhouse! And below are plentiful of flowers for our flower offering to our Lady.


The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii together with her Lay partners provide affordable laboratory exams for their poor homeless families they call K friends

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii together with their Lay partners provided affordable laboratory exams for their “k friend” ministry. These are the poor homeless street families many of whom are elderly and /or jobless. Many are living in the kalye, sleep in karton cardboard, live in kariton. We acknowledge the good work of our lay mission partners the ROCA  Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association. They partially funded the laboratory exams.

Our Regina Rosarii Ministry for K friends continue to give dignity to our K-friends by making them participate in their healing by way of contributing 5 pesos a pack of medicine good for one week. Our Tuesdays with K friends FEED Program where we give Food, Education, Empowerment & Deliver socio medical pastoral services has run for the last 11 years.

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(ROCA) The Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association together with the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii give school supplies and school bags to children of our homeless street families

(ROCA) The Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association together with the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii give school supplies and school bags to children of our homeless street families. Together we help. The fruits of Contemplative prayer are intuition and compassion. And moved by compassion we gift the children of our homeless street families school supplies and school bags motivating them to study. And praying that in the future they will  be among our educated youths in the future.

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Power message for you June 25, 2016 from Sr Eppie