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Vocation Discernment Seminar

For single ladies 18-35 years old, college graduate: Know the meaning of your life. Know your vocation. Attend our Search-In on February 1, 2020, Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 70 Scout Fernandez St. Brgy. Laging Handa Quezon City.

Please call/text: 8372-5327/ 0920-609-0300 for inquiries.

Regina Rosarii Advent Recollection 2019

Thank you all, our participants to the Regina Rosarii Advent Recollection 2019.

Regina Rosarii Advent Recollection

Jesus is waiting for you. Please come and join the Regina Rosarii Advent Recollection.

ROCA Main Celebrates 22 Years

Hello everyone, my dear ROCA MEMBERS,

In 1997, 22 years ago I was blest to be brave at 47 years old.
I never knew what would happen when we first opened the Regina Rosarii Center for Contemplative Prayer.

It was a great leap of faith. But I was so confident that what I experienced in Germany with my teacher Willigis Jaeger will bring great peace, abundant blessings and generous sense of acceptance.

You have partnered with me in every challenges along the way. Some have stayed, others have left but each of you no matter what have a great part in my life and in the history unraveled through 22 years!

Come and celebrate this milestone in our life as ROCA MEMBERS. I wish to see you all tomorrow. Our mass will be celebrated by our Prior Provincial of the Dominican Province of the Philippines Fr Jun Sipalay OP., at 5:00 pm.

One with you in the eternal NOW,

Sr Eppie, OP

Contemplative Advent Intensive Retreat (CAIR)

Take time to be cared for by CAIR. It is one way to prepare for Christmas.

Be good to yourself. Have a grace filled Advent.

Get Your Copy of Limited Edition Amazing Book

Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii Mindanao Mission

We Thank God for the Gift of Our Vocations

You are invited to the Final and Perpetual Profession of Vows of Sr. Merly Colina, OP and Sr. Maureen Ava de Mesa, OP, on May 31, 2018, Thursday, at Regina RICA in Tanay, Rizal. Mass will be held  at 10:00 am with Rev. Bishop Francis de Leon.

We praise and thank our God for the gift of our vocations. Thank you Sr. Mau and Sr. Merly for saying YES to the call.


I-connect at Arzobispado de Manila. Its FREE!!! and it is a DATE.

Even Jesus went up the mountain to pray to connect to God His Father. We too need time to connect with God in silence, stillness and simplicity. Curious? Come and experience.
Its after office hours at Arzobispado de Manila in Intramuros. It’s a date September 11 to 13 at 6pm to 8 pm. Its for all ages, for all the walks of life. And it is FREE!!!!

I CONNECT (2) (1)

What our readers and friends say about Sister Eppie’s book, Finding God.

What our readers and friends say about Sister Eppie’s book, Finding God.
In the first picture I show to you Dina our artist who artistically designed the book.
In the second picture one our of our members posted this on the facebook.
In the 3rd picture our artist and photographer Dina shows us the exact location where she got the picture of the bird as illustrated in the cover.
in the 4th picture JB the son of Kiko is reading the book full of delight, look at his face.
In the 5th page one of our ROCA members Rhoda Espino arrives in her home tired and finds her son Jessou reading Sister Eppie’s book.
Finally in the last picture Rey Barn who helped put together all of Sr. Eppie’s articles from Sacred Space magazine makes his comment.

dina2 arlene dina1