Day 1: Thanksgiving for 50 years of Sister Eppie Brasil, OP as a Dominican Sister

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Opened Sr. Eppie’s Golden Jubilee
The five-day gala for the thanksgiving of Sr. Eppie for her 50 years of service as a Dominican sister commenced with the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on July 13, 2017, both at the Motherhouse and at Regina RICA.
It has been the tradition of the congregation and its lay mission partner to have the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every 13th day of the month.
Bishop George Rimando, DD – Auxiliary Bishop of Davao celebrated the mass at the Motherhouse Chapel followed by the Novena to Our Lady of Fatima. Members of ROCA, ROSA, sitters and mass goers joined in the day’s activity.

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Visiting Mother Lucy and sisters in Malaybalay

Mother Lucy has been our coach, our guide and and our inspiration when Sister Eppie founded our new congregation with her new mission and apostolate.

We had a spirited time with the Carmelite sisters, a happy community.

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When God calls, we go.

When God calls we go. Sr. Eppie heard the call to help the evacuees from Marawi City. So every where she went she campaigned hard with a talk and with silence over the plight of our Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters. We went to see and to experience their fears and their pain. We did not know whom and where to go but eventually the hand of God pointed the way. We were able to get in touch with a priest we had never met before. He brought us to the evacuation centers. They had food, water to drink and even to wash their clothes. They had mats. But it was hot and they lacked one thing fans. Rey gave us the tip and so we brought fans.  Look at the “cardboard fan” they were using until we gave them fans. Even though life is difficult see what a small fan can bring –  smiles in their faces.

We also visited home based refugees. We also gave the Diocese of Iligan for their crisis intervention funds to “de stress” the trauma caused by war. We helped with financial blessings that was sent for them through our generous donors, members and friends. Thank you to all who had helped.

May we share with all of you the joy that we have received through the smiles, hand shakes and even embraces from the people we met. It is when people are faced with dire need and deprivation that an act of kindness is appreciated the most. Photo credits: ReyBarn & Sr. Menchi20170605_095055

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46 days countdown to Golden Jubilee of Sister Eppie

It is an honor and privilege to walk with Sr. Eppie and experience the blessings God has gifted our Congregation: The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii and our Lay members as we together hand in hand serve all the people from all walks of life that our Lady sends to us.

Daily in Sister Eppie’s Facebook post let us walk with her as she looks back at the past with fond memories.

Join us in joyful of expectation day by day until 7.17.17 finally comes. Join us in grateful thanksgiving in a mass in Regina Rica.

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ABUNDANCE 2: Under the Mantle of our Lady, Book signing on our Foundation day in the Motherhouse

Finally now it can be read, what about? The story of RICA how it all started. We never thought RICA would be visited by a lot of people, by hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life. Read and experience what is written by the story teller. Then come to RICA to take a look and savor what you have read.

If you would like your own copy, please call Maricris (02) 3725327 or email us at

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Notes from Sr. Eppie 50th day countdown before her Golden Jubilee

RPM layout

88 MMM Rewards

On May 13, 2017 after the Holy Mass in Regina RICA we had 88 MMM rewards.

Winners of Minor Consolation Prizes
1 Mary Rose Picones
2 Lyra Francisco
3 Victoria Anghag
4 Elsa Magbanua
5 Douglas Racagas
6 Pedro Vidal
7 Febrita M. Ting
8 Jaime & Gloria Santos
9 Jazmin S. Camero
10 Lyra Francisco
11 Mcray Ortaliz
12 Maria Victoria Marinduque
13 Marian Yan
14 Demetrio Jose
15 Marian Yan
16 Fortuna Famillaran
17 Ma. Elena Rolloque
18 Rebecca L. Cardona
19 Grace Chan
20 Doqueto Lactasin

Winners of Major Consolation Prizes
1 Mila de Leon Lam
2 Marian Yan
3 Elizabeth A. Millanes

Winner of Trip to Holy Land
Remedios P. Esguerra


Launching PAHUWAYAN sa RICA.

What is Pahuwayan. What does it mean? Come and see the ambiance of nature surrounding the place and above all your loved ones will be under the loving gaze of our Lady Regina Rosarii in RICA>


Our Lady of Patient Waiting has arrived.

Mama Mary will teach many valuable lessons in patience as you listen to her as Our Lady of Patient Waiting.

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Message of Sister Eppie for the Feast of the Holy Family 2016

My wish for you this Christmas and on this Feast of the Holy Family is depicted by the Sleeping Holy Family:
I wish that you can be
Secure in the love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Loving towards each other as family and friends
Embracing each other’s differences
Enjoying each other’s presence
Protective of each other.
I pray that as you look at the sleeping Holy Family, you will begin to see the value of contemplation as a way to rest and sleep, the way Jesus, Mary and Joseph sleep in each other’s divine embrace.
We are
ONE in the Lord,
ONE in our mission and communion
ONE in our hope for the growth of each other
ONE in our Mission and Vision
ONE in our support and family/community unity
We are ONE with each other. This Christmas, is a time for atonement as we reconcile and accept each other, as we are with all our values, virtues, mistakes and mystique.
Indeed, we need to stand by each other. Strive to be simple. Less is more! I pray that we can ALLOW events to happen and still sleep through it all. In fact, ALLOW for us means
Leave it as it is
Laugh it out
Observe just observe, no judgment
Wait for what God wants us to do.
This is all for now…Let us prepare for the coming of Jesus in our hearts. May your Christmas be days of joy and family reunion.
Sister Eppie

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