Pilgrimage to Tagum and Davao

Arriving at the Davao International Airport we were welcomed by Col. Randolph Cabangbang and wife Sisa and also by Edith Yap, Alben and Pritz Puno. A very warm welcome indeed.

Somebody gifted us with a lunch at a chocolate factory. Thank you Jesus.

ARCHBISHOP Nanding Capalla who accepted the six of us13 years ago in DAVAO. We are here now, we have increased in number, 13 of us, down memory lane.

Giving our respects to CBCP President Archbishop Moloy Valles DD and Bishop Nanding Capalla.

A time for silence and contemplation at the Shrine of the Santo Nino in Davao City. Memories of our founder Sister Eppie of the many times she has prayed in this shrine.

With Bishop George Rimando a great inspiration for servant leadership

Our Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii 13 sisters one breath in prayer with our Davao ROCA group. Bishop Rimando was very accommodating and hospitable. Thank you for your kindness and generosity Bishop George Rimando

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii (our 13 sisters) sat with our Davao ROCA Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association