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K-Friends Alay Pahalipay 2017

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii celebrates gift giving to the poor  whom we call kariton friends as they live in “kariton,” push carts. Many of these k-friends are elderly. Some sleep in “karton,” cardboard mats, live in the “kalye,” streets, and look for their means of livelihood through, the “kariton”, pushcart in the Quezon City area.

To all those who contributed their time, talents and benefactors who gave money and goods that we packed to make a merry merry Christmas gift giving celebration a happy one.


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Day 2 Thanksgiving for 50 years of Sister Eppie

                                   K-Friends Joined Sr. Eppie in her golden Jubilee Celebration


Part of the five-day celebration of Sr. Eppie’s Golden Jubilee is a day dedicated for our K-Friends. They were brought to Regina RICA on July 14, 2017, for a pilgrimage to visit Our Lady Regina Rosarii and to celebrate with Sr. Eppie.

They had a mass presided by our Parish Priest Fr. Jun Suriven and concelebrated with Bishop George Rimando. A festive lunch followed at St. Joseph’s Hall. The Tuesday Regina Rosarii Assistants for Caring of K-Friends (TRACK) Volunteers spearheaded a short program after lunch, wherein they showcased their talents as well as the K-Friends to entertain Sr. Eppie and all her guests .

After the presentations, Sr. Neneng Marquillero, OP led the K-Friends to the Sanctuary of Universal Love and Devotion (SULOD) to pray in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

It was a memorable moment for our K friends and volunteers.

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Congratulations Ate Vi.


Congratulations Ate Vi better known as Vilma Tolin for having been featured as an ideal mother to Pongkay.  Ate Vi is known to our K friends, our homeless street families, (nakatira sa karton, nakahiga sa kalsada, naghahanap buhay sa kariton), whom she serves as one of our volunteers.  Vilma was featured in this week’s WISH KO LANG program sa GMA. She is the one in pink T-shirt behind Tita Lita. Bakit po kaya? Siya yung may heart magmalasakit in taking care of Pongkay, her daughter who is blind. She has been Pongkay’s nurse, tutor, guide, friend.  Ate Vi accompanied her to school because she is blind. Yet her heart is so big that it is not only Pongkay whom she takes care of, she also takes care of her 99 year old grandmother in all her needs plus she also takes care of her husband  who is also sick.


Happy Birthday Pongkay!!! In you we see the mercy of God that in spite of your blindness you are a very happy and accepting person. And we believe that part of the joy of Ate Vi is that she belongs to Regina family. She has a home among us. She feels the joy of belonging in a community. In this picture you will see the friends of our K friends – our volunteers!!! We are proud of our volunteers. They handle you with care because they too have experienced pain, brokenness, a sense of lack, sickness. They know what pain is….they know what sickness is and they know what brokenness is!


The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii together with her Lay partners provide affordable laboratory exams for their poor homeless families they call K friends

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii together with their Lay partners provided affordable laboratory exams for their “k friend” ministry. These are the poor homeless street families many of whom are elderly and /or jobless. Many are living in the kalye, sleep in karton cardboard, live in kariton. We acknowledge the good work of our lay mission partners the ROCA  Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association. They partially funded the laboratory exams.

Our Regina Rosarii Ministry for K friends continue to give dignity to our K-friends by making them participate in their healing by way of contributing 5 pesos a pack of medicine good for one week. Our Tuesdays with K friends FEED Program where we give Food, Education, Empowerment & Deliver socio medical pastoral services has run for the last 11 years.

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(ROCA) The Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association together with the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii give school supplies and school bags to children of our homeless street families

(ROCA) The Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association together with the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii give school supplies and school bags to children of our homeless street families. Together we help. The fruits of Contemplative prayer are intuition and compassion. And moved by compassion we gift the children of our homeless street families school supplies and school bags motivating them to study. And praying that in the future they will  be among our educated youths in the future.

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Listening to the cry of the poor: Treating our poor with kindness and care.

Even if our K friend clinic is just in our garage area God has gifted us the grace to be able to do something for our K friends like this one, treating the burned parts of his body. It so happened that Jo Ann Carumba-Tag-at, the student of Sr. Eppie came before and gave us gauzes with antibiotic gels for burns. Nothing happens by chance everything that happens has a reason. What is most important is a heart willing to share and a heart willing to serve.
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K friends donate to BATO project of Regina RICA

Our K friends are generous. After they received their senior citizens pension, they immediately said they will donate to the BATO project of Regina RICA.
What is BATO project all about? The construction of the Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia has started. BATO project is a donation for cement, trashes and rebars needed for the construction.









K friends receive Senior Citizens Pension

Our K friends through the help of Ms Belinda Manahan of Philippine Good Works Mission Foundation Inc together with the DSWD officers and staff of Metro Manila, receive their pension. Oh it is such a joyful moment for all of us as our K friends beamed with so much happiness. Photo credits: Dina Amante

October is our Rosary month

Our K friends – street dwellers that live in Kalye or kalsada (street), sleep on the Karton (card board) and bring their kariton (pushcart). Our K friends together with the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii and her Lay mission Partners are celebrating Our Lady’s month of October by praying the rosary. We offer these to our countless supporters, our benefactors, those who share their time, talents and treasures for the projects of our Lady in Regina RICA. We also thank our friends who help us with their services.
Even our GENO (P98 para kay Mama Mary are our benefactors). 88MMM, Adopt a tree, ATM CARD, Big and small benefactors, Club 513 and now BATO members.

Even our K friends has become GENO members

When we give people HOPE especially the least, the last, the lost their joy gives them the capacity to be generous donors themselves. We call them K friends or kariton friends because they live in the Kariton (push carts), Karton (card board) and kalsada (street). Our government calls them street dwellers.
GENO is grupo el noventa y ocho. 98 for us is September 8, the birthday of Mama Mary. All of us love Mama Mary. And a gift of 100 no more change may not be much for many of us but for a Kariton it is a big sacrifice not to eat a meal or buy a pair of slippers because of Love for Mama Mary. We salute you K friends!!!