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Tuesdays with K friends






DSC_0109Our K friends are street families whom we are teaching the dignity of being a person, a child of God in the midst of our turbulent and chaotic world.
Contemplative prayer has helped them find God even in the difficult moments of their lives

Our K Friends are enrolled to Phil Health

Ms. Manahan and DSWD work for the Phil Health Benefits of our poorest of the poor K friends. KARITON FRIENDS they live in the kalsada (STREET), karton (CARD BOARD) and kariton (PUSH CART).


ICAB gifts our K friends with food and school bags as part of their celebration of their 20th anniversary

ICAB (Inter Country Adoption Board) celebrated her 20th anniversary meaningfully by giving food after the FBS test of our K friends, they also gave school bags to the children of our K friends and DSC_0055 

New tool for evangelization to our young K-friends

New tool for evangelization for our young K friends: the use of video clip. See for yourselves how the video is getting them engaged in what you teach them. Try it.


Hours after Typhoon Glenda hits the country, the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii

Just hours after Typhoon Glenda hit the country, The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii went to the many streets in search for the K friends people who have no homes who live in the kalsada, kariton and karton to give them food. Sr. Eppie says in the storm these people cannot cook for themselves nor can they find basura or garbage to sell.


Ministry after the storm

DSC_0193DSC_0165Last Saturday, September 20, 2014 immediately after the mass the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii went around the streets wanting to know if in what way they can help the homeless people after the wrath of typhoon Mario. They brought with them some rice, pan de sal and even cook champorado (chocolate flavored rice porridge) as a little way of help to the typhoon victims. As they pass by the streets they found those homeless, restless and still awake as they articulates that they are sleepless the entire the night watching with anxious heart, waiting if the water will rise up. They are so much thankful to the little blessing they received.