Day 2 Thanksgiving for 50 years of Sister Eppie

                                   K-Friends Joined Sr. Eppie in her golden Jubilee Celebration


Part of the five-day celebration of Sr. Eppie’s Golden Jubilee is a day dedicated for our K-Friends. They were brought to Regina RICA on July 14, 2017, for a pilgrimage to visit Our Lady Regina Rosarii and to celebrate with Sr. Eppie.

They had a mass presided by our Parish Priest Fr. Jun Suriven and concelebrated with Bishop George Rimando. A festive lunch followed at St. Joseph’s Hall. The Tuesday Regina Rosarii Assistants for Caring of K-Friends (TRACK) Volunteers spearheaded a short program after lunch, wherein they showcased their talents as well as the K-Friends to entertain Sr. Eppie and all her guests .

After the presentations, Sr. Neneng Marquillero, OP led the K-Friends to the Sanctuary of Universal Love and Devotion (SULOD) to pray in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

It was a memorable moment for our K friends and volunteers.

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