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Vocation to the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii is a call to be a contemplative in the world today, and to witness to the fullness of consecrated life that is nurtured in an ambiance of silence, stillness and simplicity, yet fully aware and responsive to the signs of the times.

To nurture this gift of vocation, a candidate will go through a formation journey that allows her to discover the different facets of her gifts.

Religious formation is a path of gradual identification with the attitude of Christ toward the Father through fidelity to the Gospel and the founding charism. We each bear personal responsibility for our growth and development. Since this life is lived in and through community, we have a constant duty of challenging and encouraging each other toward that fullness of life most perfectly manifested by Jesus.

Formation leads us to express in our lives the Dominican motto “Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare, ” We develop a spirituality that moves us to praise, to bless and to preach the Presence of God in our lives through prayer, study, common life and service.


Any candidate who sincerely desires to join our Congregation should:

a. have experienced contemplative prayer time with the sisters and must have attended at least one contemplative seminar;
b. be emotionally capable of experiencing wholesome interpersonal relationships;
c. be psychologically free from hereditary impediments, which may in the future affect her religious life;
d. be physically capable of performing the works of the Congregation;
e. be intellectually capable of acquiring the necessary preparation for the works of the Congregation;
f. be qualified according to the Common Law of the Church.


Postulancy is a period designed to acquaint the candidate about religious life and to allow transition into it. It is also a time for the Congregation to discern her ability to adapt to Dominican consecrated life. Postulancy begins on the day determined by the Major Superior. The following persons may not be admitted to postulancy.

• persons who are not yet seventeen years of age
• married persons, for the duration of their marriage
• persons who are actually bound by sacred bonds to some other institute of consecrated life or incorporated to some society of apostolic life without prejudice to Canon 684
• persons compelled to enter the religious life by grave fear, force or deceit, or who are admitted by a Superior thus constrained
• those who concealed their incorporation in an institute of consecrated life or in a society of apostolic life


The novitiate is a period of probation during which the novices carefully study themselves and their vocation to the Dominican life, initiate themselves in the apostolic works of our Congregation as well as in the spirit of unity, having only one heart and mind in God, to live the evangelical counsels of obedience, chaste loving and poverty of which they will later make profession. (cf. Can. 646)


Temporary profession is a formative stage that follows the profession of the first vows and extending through the various years of doctrinal, apostolic, and professional formation. It is the stage corresponding to the period of preparation for perpetual vows. It lasts for five (5) years and may be extended not beyond nine (9) years.

For more details and information on how to become a Dominican Sister of Regina Rosarii please call:
Tel. no.  (+632) 372-53-27/ (+63) 919-269-42-86
email to : info@reginarosarii.org
Or mail to : The Vocation Director
Regina Rosarii Center for Contemplative Prayer
70 Scout Fernandez St. Brgy. Laging Handa
1103 Quezon City, Philippines

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