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Something NEW!!!

Before we had sleeping St. Joseph pillow now we have The Holy Family sleeping pillow.
Imagine after travelling a long desert road and perhaps passing rocky hills….Mary was very tired and in pain and Joseph was taking care of Mary and the baby in her womb. Finally they find a place, a manger.
After the birth of Jesus and perhaps after the visit of the shepherds now they could rest in heavenly peace. Look at the care in the hands of Mary holding Jesus and look at the protective hands of Joseph lovingly protecting Mary and Jesus. May such great love flow in your families too.
At this time this pillow can only be found in the motherhouse Regina Rosarii Center of Contemplation in 70 Scout Fernandez St. Quezon City and Regina RICA in Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. I say AT THIS TIME because I am sure people will copy this pillow design.
If you like to see the 6 feet statue COME TO REGINA RICA in Tanay.


Sleeping St. Joseph pillow


Sleeping Holy Family pillow

Advent Recollection at Regina Motherhouse


Every Advent reminds us that the clock is running. Advent stirs up our yearnings to harmonious relationships and for an environment of wholeness in which everything works right. We fragment our energy into different demands of life: family and career, personal and social life, justice and mercy, etc. we must wait for Jesus to come into integrate our frustrations and our hopes. We are building with the expectations that he will come. This Advent and Christmas, celebrate together that He who come, will come!


DATE AND TIME:  December 3, 2016 at 8:00 am—4:00 pm

VENUE:                     Regina Rosarii Center for Contemplative Prayer

70 Scout Fernandez Street, Brgy. Laging Handa,

Quezon City

FACILITATORS:       Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP and Team

Seminar  Fee:             Php600.00

Contact No.                 advent-recollection-1372-5327  or email at

Please make reservations with Maricris at the Rosaline Store.

Inner Healing through Contemplative Prayer plus Finding God book launching

What more can one get in this double event. The seminar is for healing and the book launching. The book FINDING GOD is a companion guide for contemplatives on the go. Come and read! Come and See.

The venue: UERM, Aurora blvd. near SM centerpoint. It’s 8-4pm on November 18, 2016. The seminar fee of P800 is a very minimal fee for such a good seminar and see we have special price for a delightful, easy to read book that can accompany us in our daily life.

inner-healing-ticket-2017-648x1024 finding-god-book-form



Fare: P350.00 round trip
P250.00 one way

Departure from Scout Tuazon St.,/70 Scout Fernandez St. 7 AM on Regina RICA fiesta October 22, 2016 and every Sunday thereafter
Departure from RICA: 3 PM
Limited to 49 passengers only.
Please reserve in advance.
Please call 3725327
Look for Maricris or Sr. Tess



3rd National Convention for CHAMP in RICA

image-0-02-08-39d986b7ee9404a40ee07ef0a89daa361ae93fc069436d5514bbe8a70973c3f4-v img_5464 img_5247It was a momentous event celebrated by all the members of CHAMP called from different places in the Philippines like Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Bacolod City, San Fernando, Pampanga, Quezon City, Manila and Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. Our members from youth to the aged came to celebrate with prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of silence, with songs and dance, planning and direction. Our sisters and members all CHAMPions called and chosen by our Lady to pray and to serve as we all follow Jesus the friend of the poor and the healer of the broken.

Welcome Guardias de Honor to the 3rd National Convention of CHAMP

The 3rd National Convention for CHAMP was held in Regina RICA October 7-11, 2016

Among the first to arrive were the Guardias de Honor de Maria from Bacolod City.image-0-02-08-39d986b7ee9404a40ee07ef0a89daa361ae93fc069436d5514bbe8a70973c3f4-v image-0-02-06-41c105d363036da55e445d86d7dc27a3e6784c55309b0f263b0265a4bac37127-v image-0-02-08-bcab152bf29f99ba70c3b6c65c758f61abfd641c4d6d2ea117d146ed8ccfd0a7-v

5 days Challenge for Sr. Eppie in Tagum City

Imagine a house becoming a contemplative center in 5 days time. And it was done.

The Tagum contemplative group has been homeless for 16 years. They have existed as a group practicing contemplative prayer in many places….in the Sinagoga, in the Rural Bank of Montevista, in the BIR place. And finally one day Nitz Nazareno comes to Sr. Eppie I would like to donate a lot of 250 sq.m. so that Tagum ROCA will find a home. Sr. Eppie then came to look at the place and met with the other owners. I feel this Mama Mary guiding Sr. Eppie because in August 26 we learned that the RDO will be moved!!! just in time. I believe this is Divine intervention.
In August 30 Bishop George Rimando DD blest the new place, the home of Casa ROCA in Tagum City.

Finally the Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association of Tagum has a home they can call their very own.


img_4166 img_4485 img_4389

Activities for September 8 Birthday of our Lady Regina Rosarii

Activities for September 8 Birthday of our Lady Regina Rosarii
5:15 am dawn rosary at the Motherhouse and Regina RICA
9:00 am ground breaking and dropping of time capsule for the construction of Regina RICA.
Followed by floral offering to Mama Mary
Launching of Project 128. September 8 to December 8 campaign for Mama Mary’s project
11 am mass.
Cake raffles follow.

Mass for the Queenship of Mary and closing of the Second General Chapter

August 22, 2016 marked the culmination of events. We had the Mass for the Queenship of Mary and closing of the Second General Chapter. The General councilors made their oath of service to Sister Eppie Brasil, OP, Superior General and to the sisters.

DSC_1699 DSC_1661



The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii together with her Lay partners provide affordable laboratory exams for their poor homeless families they call K friends

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii together with their Lay partners provided affordable laboratory exams for their “k friend” ministry. These are the poor homeless street families many of whom are elderly and /or jobless. Many are living in the kalye, sleep in karton cardboard, live in kariton. We acknowledge the good work of our lay mission partners the ROCA  Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association. They partially funded the laboratory exams.

Our Regina Rosarii Ministry for K friends continue to give dignity to our K-friends by making them participate in their healing by way of contributing 5 pesos a pack of medicine good for one week. Our Tuesdays with K friends FEED Program where we give Food, Education, Empowerment & Deliver socio medical pastoral services has run for the last 11 years.

DSC_0659 DSC_0664 DSC_0669