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  1. reginarosarii says:

    Yes we pray for you. May our Lady’s embrace gift you with peace.

  2. reginarosarii says:

    Yes we pray.

  3. Maria Caroline Caballes says:


    I would like to attend your contemplation seminar,is there any schedule available within this year?are you accepting individual person,I mean alone.Is there any payment for the seminars or registration fee?I am really interested to any seminars you have in case contemplation seminar not available this year…



    • reginarosarii says:

      Greetings Maria Caroline,
      We are happy that you are interested in Contemplative Prayer. Come and join us at Regina Rosarii Center for Contemplative Prayer at 70 Scout Fernandez St. Quezon City. Landmark Chili’s Restaurant at Tomas Morato Ave. Quezon City. We pray with you on Thursdays 2:30PM – 4:30 PM another session 5:30PM -7:30 PM
      Try this first. We do not have individual person session.

      Prayers & blessings,

      Sister menchi

    • reginarosarii says:

      Dear Caroline,

      We have just posted Inner Healing thru Contemplative Prayer for Nov. 18

  4. reginarosarii says:

    Greetings Belle,

    Yes we are praying for Margaret that she be prepared for her exams. All the days of her exams.

    Prayers & blessings,
    Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii

  5. Lorna Maragrag says:

    Papunta po kami diyan sa Tanay this coming friday galing po kami ng Pasay paano po ang way namin ano po mga landmark may sasakyan po kami

  6. Marivic Reyes says:

    Good Afternoon Sisters from Regina Rica Rosarii,

    Please pray for my inner healing. I do sometimes feel anxious and feeling depressed and I want to ask for your prayers to overcome these feelings. Also I am praying for a complete healing for times that I experienced physical discomfort. With your prayers, I claimed that I am completely healed. Thank you and God bless your congregation.

  7. reginarosarii says:

    Come and visit us at 70 scout fernandez street thursday june 16, 2016 if you can 2pm po

  8. Leo Estaniel says:

    Hello, good morning. I am interested in joining the seminar on October 20-22, The Passage: A journey to Wholeness and Wellness. HOw do I sign up po?

    • reginarosarii says:

      Please call Maricris 3725327 to enroll po

    • reginarosarii says:

      Hi Leo,

      THere was a lot of spam in the mail and I just cleaned this up. Sorry to answer that Passage was given September. Would you like to attend Inner healing thru Contemplative prayer on November 18 at UERM near SM Centerpoint 8-4pm

  9. reginarosarii says:

    Hi how many times have you visited RICA. Blessings to you

  10. reginarosarii says:

    How is Margaret doing?
    Prayers & blessings,
    Regina RICA

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