Congratulations Ate Vi.


Congratulations Ate Vi better known as Vilma Tolin for having been featured as an ideal mother to Pongkay.  Ate Vi is known to our K friends, our homeless street families, (nakatira sa karton, nakahiga sa kalsada, naghahanap buhay sa kariton), whom she serves as one of our volunteers.  Vilma was featured in this week’s WISH KO LANG program sa GMA. She is the one in pink T-shirt behind Tita Lita. Bakit po kaya? Siya yung may heart magmalasakit in taking care of Pongkay, her daughter who is blind. She has been Pongkay’s nurse, tutor, guide, friend.  Ate Vi accompanied her to school because she is blind. Yet her heart is so big that it is not only Pongkay whom she takes care of, she also takes care of her 99 year old grandmother in all her needs plus she also takes care of her husband  who is also sick.


Happy Birthday Pongkay!!! In you we see the mercy of God that in spite of your blindness you are a very happy and accepting person. And we believe that part of the joy of Ate Vi is that she belongs to Regina family. She has a home among us. She feels the joy of belonging in a community. In this picture you will see the friends of our K friends – our volunteers!!! We are proud of our volunteers. They handle you with care because they too have experienced pain, brokenness, a sense of lack, sickness. They know what pain is….they know what sickness is and they know what brokenness is!


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