Message of Sister Eppie for the Feast of the Holy Family 2016

My wish for you this Christmas and on this Feast of the Holy Family is depicted by the Sleeping Holy Family:
I wish that you can be
Secure in the love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Loving towards each other as family and friends
Embracing each other’s differences
Enjoying each other’s presence
Protective of each other.
I pray that as you look at the sleeping Holy Family, you will begin to see the value of contemplation as a way to rest and sleep, the way Jesus, Mary and Joseph sleep in each other’s divine embrace.
We are
ONE in the Lord,
ONE in our mission and communion
ONE in our hope for the growth of each other
ONE in our Mission and Vision
ONE in our support and family/community unity
We are ONE with each other. This Christmas, is a time for atonement as we reconcile and accept each other, as we are with all our values, virtues, mistakes and mystique.
Indeed, we need to stand by each other. Strive to be simple. Less is more! I pray that we can ALLOW events to happen and still sleep through it all. In fact, ALLOW for us means
Leave it as it is
Laugh it out
Observe just observe, no judgment
Wait for what God wants us to do.
This is all for now…Let us prepare for the coming of Jesus in our hearts. May your Christmas be days of joy and family reunion.
Sister Eppie

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