Day 5 Thanksgiving for 50 years of Sister Eppie as Dominican Sister

Solemn Mass Highlighted Sr. Eppie’s 50th as a Dominican Sister

The grand celebration of the 50th year anniversary as a Dominican sister of Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP was highlighted by solemn mass at the Chapel on the Hill, Regina RICA, Tanay, Rizal. Rev. Fr. Msgr. Rigoberto S. de Guzman was the main celebrant. It was concelebrated by 27 priests including the friends, classmates and students of Sr. Eppie and Bishop Emeritus Most Rev. Fernando R. Capalla, DD

The mass started by a solemn procession of five Regina flower girls ( 2 of which were K friends children) and 50 candle bearers – whose lives were touched by Sr. Eppie for the past fifty years; and  acolytes, lectors and mass celebrants.

Sr. Eppie, then renewed her vows to Bishop Fernando R. Capalla, DD.

In her words of thanksgiving, Sr. Eppie shared the word ALLOW as acronym for A – Accept; L – Let go and Leave all things behind; L – Laugh at Yourself; O – Obey; and W – Wait. She said, it summarized her learnings for the past fifty years of her life as a religious sister. Furthermore, her learnings helped turn her darkness into light.

Reception followed at the St. Joseph’s hall where guests, friends, benefactors, classmates and students of Sr. Eppie had a festive lunch and a showcase of talents for the different group of mission partners of the congregation.



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